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Secular weddings

We don’t want to mention God in our ceremony, is that okay?

Yes! I believe your wedding ceremony should reflect your beliefs.

I work with all kinds of clients: atheist, agnostic, spiritual but not religious,  religious, and interfaith. Every ceremony is written with respect to your beliefs. If you want a completely secular wedding ceremony, it’s my pleasure to create it for you.

You’ll even have full approval of the script to make sure we get it right.

Have you every been to a church wedding where the minister’s ceremony didn’t reflect the couple at all? That won’t happen with me. You’ll get to read your ceremony and make changes. Most ceremonies go through 3 drafts, including the final draft, but if you need to make more changes, I’ll work with you to make sure it’s right.

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How do we find the right wedding officiant for us?

There are so many factors that go into choosing a wedding officiant and they include legal, logistical and How to Find the Right Wedding Officiant__cover__2015personal questions that you have to ask about the type of ceremony you want and the services the officiant provides. To help you find the right wedding officiant for you, I wrote this guide to help you figure it all out. The guide includes:

  • 10 Questions to Ask Each Other before Interviewing Officiants
  • 10 Questions to Ask Every Officiant

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We want a completely secular, nonreligious wedding ceremony. Do you have to sign our marriage certificate minister or reverend?

Thanks to New Jersey’s new Civil Celebrant law and my training at the Celebrant Foundation & Institute, I am now able to solemnize marriages in New Jersey as a state certified Civil Celebrant. This means that I can sign your New Jersey marriage certificate as a Civil Celebrant without using my ordained title, Reverend. You can have a truly secular/civil ceremony without having to have a courthouse wedding.

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