Celebrating life’s changes

Moving into a new home, milestone birthdays, entering a new stage in life, graduating, opening a business…

These are everyday things – but they don’t happen to you every day.

In our busy lives, we often downplay these special moments as ordinary. But these rites of passage are the moments that herald big changes in your life. These events deserve to be marked and celebrated.

Your life deserves celebration

So whether it’s a housewarming or a ceremony to honor some special event or person in your life, there is value and importance in stopping to observe the passage at hand. Take the time and savor the moment.

As a Master Life-Cycle Celebrant, I can work with you to create a ceremony that commemorates this moment in a way you will always remember.

Here are life change ceremonies I perform:

  • Housewarmings
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Croning ceremonies
  • Commemorative ceremonies
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Community events
  • Business openings
  • And more!


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