Baby blessing for twins gives twice the smiles

It’s been a busy week and I am just now getting a moment to catch up. I’m just back from a wedding and the 14-pound cat next to me insists that I catch up on this blog!
Last week I had the rare pleasure of celebrating a baby blessing ceremony for not one, but two honorees! Grace and Justin had just turned one when their parents Kelly and Brad gathered friends and family together at Le Chéile in New York City.

A baby blessing for twins is full of possibilities

Grace and Justin’s ceremony incorporated blessings from the world’s traditions along with very heartfelt—and pragmatic vows from Brad and Kelly that expressed the reality of parenthood as well as their hopes for an amazing life for Justin and Grace. Those vows echoed the vows from Kelly and Brad’s wedding as they draped the sash from their own wedding handfasting around Grace and Justin to symbolize how their marriage vows now sheltered the whole family.
Oil, water, roses, and a feather for blessing,
the handfasting sash and gifts for Justin and Grace
Guests wrote wishes on stars that were presented to Justin and Grace in beautiful star boxes painted by their mother. The room itself was decorated with stars hanging from the ceiling. We celebrated Grace and Justin being made of star the same stuff as stars (as we all are) and how brightly they shine.
We also included readings from guideparents, Heather and Andrew, and their daughter Mia—who did a wonderful job reading a poem by Shel Silverstein, Listen to the mustn’ts.
Ceremony Details
Opening Remarks
Grace and Justin’s Story
Statement of Support (All guests pledge continued support to the family)
Honoring Grace and Justin’s Ancestors (Thanking Grandparents for their gifts of wisdom)
Welcoming Grace and Justin with the Gifts of the Universe (Blessing them with the qualities of the four directions)
Blessing with Oil (An Eastern tradition)
Parent’s Vows
Appointing of the Guideparents
Reading from The Velveteen Rabbit
Reading Listen to the mustn’ts
Gifts for Grace and Justin (Presentation of the Wish Box)
Blessing with Rosewater
This baby blessing for twins gave me some ideas. I think I may suggest to families in the future that they consider having these ceremonies when the babies are about one. It changes the ceremony wonderful ways. The best part of the ceremony, by far, was Justin and Grace themselves. They sat in highchairs of honor throughout the ceremony. It was an amazing experience as we were all speaking to them, not just about them and they followed every word.  They smiled and waved, clapped when they heard their names and participated fully in their own ceremony.
It was a perfect day.

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