Beach Blanket Wedding with Kids!

I’m looking back today at one of my favorite ceremonies, a beach wedding with kids and fun sand ceremony.
Take one couple, add their four children (two each from previous relationships), stir in sun, surf and sand and then mix in their closest friends and family and you have the perfect recipe for a casual summer wedding with kids.
When I met Chris and Cindy, they weren’t certain I’d be willing to do their ceremony on the beach. But I have to say, it was one of my most fun weddings to date.
 Cindy wore a white bathing suit with a sarong. Chris wore a blue Hawaiian shirt with their daughters matching the bride and their son matching his soon-to-be dad. The ceremony was held on the sand, with rough surf pounding behind us, so loud we had to work to be heard.The couple wanted a lighthearted ceremony focused, not just on them as a couple, but on the six of them as a family.
I told the story of how they met. Chris and Cindy read their vows and exchanged rings. Then we did a sand ceremony where Cindy and Chris and each of their children poured colored sand from red envelopes (a Chinese symbol of good luck) into a Christmas ornament—to show how while they each maintain their identities as individuals (each their own color of sand), they are now joined as a family, no more easily separated than those grains of colored sand.

This beach wedding with kids was a joyous occasion and every bit the casual, fun, laughter-filled event that they were looking for. I was honored to be a part of their special day.




 Ceremony Details

Words of Welcome

The I Dos

Cindy’s Vows (A top ten list)

Chris’ Vows (What he loves about Cindy)

Ring Exchange

Family Sand Ceremony

Statement of Support with Guests

Declaration of Marriage and Family

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    • December 6, 2007

    My best friend Sue did a similar sand ceremony to blend her new family– it was one of the best moments of the wedding!

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