Do I need a microphone / PA for my ceremony?

I will probably recommend using a microphone for your wedding ceremony if one or more of these describe your ceremony and ceremony space:

  • Your ceremony is outdoorsIMG_7952
  • Your ceremony is indoors, in a large space or a space with high ceilings
  • You may be shy when reading your vows
  • You have readers or other speakers in your ceremony who may (or may not be) shy
  • You have over 15 guests

Ceremony Planning Tips:

Don’t assume your venue has a microphone available. And if they do, how many mics, are they wireless, and can you see what the PA sounds like? Not all PAs are created equal. You want your friends and family to be able to hear your ceremony.NJ Wedding, Seating Sign, Stone House at Stirling Ridge, Real Weddings

Ask your officiant about how many mics and what kind are recommended. I usually recommend at least 2 microphones for your ceremony, one near you for your vows and one to the side for your officiant and your readers.

Inclusive Ceremonies has a PA system available for an additional fee.

Some DJs provide a microphone, you should check to see how many mics are available, what the additional cost is. if any, and if the mic is wireless.

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