What makes wedding vows the best wedding vows?

The best wedding vows for you are the vows that speak to your hearts, that seal your commitment in a personal and meaningful way, and set the tone for the way you want to live your marriage. Here’s what you need to know to get started and some inspiration to get your creativity flowing.

Learn what you need to know:

Wedding Vows: What you Need to Know (Vows Part 1 of 3)

Why are wedding vows important? What needs to be in your wedding vows? How can wedding vows reflect you…as a couple…or individuals? What if you like traditional vows?

The most important thing is that your vows be meaningful to you.writing vows

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What type of marriage vows should we consider? (Vows Part 2 of 3)

There are 3 basic ways to say your marriage vows—and one other option you might want to consider.

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Writing Your Wedding Vows–When and What to Write (Vows Part 3 of 3)

When should you be writing your wedding vows?
Don’t leave writing your wedding vows to the last minute. We’ve all seen it in the movies, the bride or groom pulling out that rumpled piece of paper they scratched their vows on the night before the wedding. In real life, you’re probably going to be too busy the night before your wedding to do the job.

Give yourself the time to think about what you want to say. since you’re planning your wedding, the time to start thinking about writing your wedding vows is now.

How do we know what to write?
When you sit down to write your vows, think about how you answered these questions:

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Looking for inspiration?

My Favorite Wedding Vows of 2015

Wedding vows are often the most personal part of a wedding ceremony. The ideas at the heart of most wedding vows are universal—to love, honor and cherish; in good times and in bad. How you make these promises to each other is up to you. Your vows can be a reflection of your love story and your unique vision of marriage. My favorite wedding vows do all that and more.

I think more and more couples are realizing that wedding vows have a presence beyond the wedding ceremony. They are your plan for the future, a guide to how you want to live together, and a touchstone you can come back to if you ever get a little lost along the way.

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