Few events in life are as joyous as welcoming a new child into your family.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

The naming of a child before the community is an ancient tradition. It is an opportunity for parents, friends, and family to express hopes for the future, make promises and offer guidance and support. It is an occasion to celebrate new life and honor family heritage and customs. It can even be an opportunity to start new traditions!

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Adoption Ceremonies

Every child’s arrival deserves celebration.

No matter their age, welcoming a child into your family is an occasion to be celebrated and shared. An adoption ceremony is an opportunity to introduce your new son or daughter to their new community of family and friends as you tell the story of how you and your child found each other.

This will also be an opportunity for your child to share some of who he or she is and feel embraced by their new life, while acknowledging their past.

Combining Families

When two families combine in marriage, the focus of the ceremony is usually on the couple, but this is also a time of transition for the child.

Whether it’s part of your wedding or a separate ceremony, giving your child the opportunity to actively participate in marking the creation of your new family can be source of assurance and empowerment for him or her and an opportunity to establish bonds and commitments between all members of the family.

Through interviews with parent, step-parent, and child I can create a ceremony that gives you all a chance to declare your hopes for the future and make a conscious start of your new life together.

Coming of Age Ceremonies

As children grow into young adults, their lives change dramatically, as do the lives of parents and siblings. New responsibilities are taken on by the teenager as parents must learn to let go a little and leave them to their own judgment.

Be it 13, 15, 16 or any other age significant to your family, these ages of transition deserve to be celebrated and marked as the significant turning points they represent. Ceremony can play a vital role in guiding your teenager (and your family) through this transition. Your child’s input, as well as your own will be vital in making this ceremony a meaningful and rewarding experience for all of you.

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Celebrating life’s changes

Moving into a new home, milestone birthdays, entering a new stage in life, graduating, opening a business…

These are everyday things – but they don’t happen to you every day.

In our busy lives, we often downplay these special moments as ordinary. But these rites of passage are the moments that herald big changes in your life. These events deserve to be marked and celebrated.

Your life deserves celebration

So whether it’s a housewarming or a ceremony to honor some special event or person in your life, there is value and importance in stopping to observe the passage at hand. Take the time and savor the moment.

As a Master Life-Cycle Celebrant, I can work with you to create a ceremony that commemorates this moment in a way you will always remember.

Here are life change ceremonies I perform:

  • Housewarmings
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Croning ceremonies
  • Commemorative ceremonies
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Community events
  • Business openings
  • And more!


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