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Ceremony writing

Can you help us find wedding readings?

Yes.  I can suggest readings for you and even research readings that fit your philosophy, interests or beliefs.

Do we have to pick from wedding readings you suggest?

Readings can be anything from poetry, to prose, song lyrics, or even something written for your ceremony. If you find readings you want, I’ll work to fit them seamlessly into your ceremony!

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Read more about custom weddings here.

We don’t want readings, but we do want to involve our friends in our wedding ceremony, can you help?

There are lots of ways to involve your family and friends in your ceremony; whether you want to honor a few extra special people in your life or include everyone present. We can even create something new just for your ceremony.

Include a few special people or include everyone!

Include your parents by offering them gifts or honoring them with a few words. Ask all of your guests to do a ring warming with your wedding rings or ask someone special to present the rings.

Perona Farms Wedding Andover NJ, Including your guests, ring warmng


Ask the person who introduced you to assist with your handfasting ceremony.

Include 3 generations in sand ceremony that celebrates all the love in your family.

Extend your unity candle to include all of your guests or ask your guests to voice their love and support.



There’s no limit to what you can do!

Ask Cris how you can include your family and friends in your ceremony to make your day really special for everyone.

Can we see the ceremony script?

Absolutely! I’ll send you a draft of your ceremony for approval. Sometimes I’ll ask for more information. You’re welcome to make any changes you want. If I know a better way to do something, I’ll let you know, but in the end it’s your decision.

How many times can we see the ceremony script?

Generally ceremonies go through three drafts, but if more are needed, I’ll work with you to make sure your ceremony is what you want it to be.

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Planning a baby naming or other family ceremony? Tell me about it!

What areas do you serve?


I perform wedding ceremonies in all of New Jersey and parts of New York. If you’re getting married in the Big Apple, I am registered with New York City.

For weddings outside of New Jersey and New York, I have to check local laws, but we can talk about it.*

We can also talk about my ceremony writing services, if you have someone to officiate but want a highly personal, professionally crafted ceremony.

Family Ceremonies

For other ceremonies (e.g., baby namings, adoption ceremonies or memorials) I can travel outside of New Jersey and New York.*

Contact Cris about your ceremony today!

*Travel fees apply.

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